Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Honeymoon Stage

We didn't take a honeymoon after the wedding. It was in the original plans, but the lesson I seem to need to really grasp right now is that life happens. He had a new job in a new time zone about halfway through our engagement, and I was facing down "funemployment." Add in some family medical issues, a cross-state relationship, wedding planning from afar, and there you have our summer. With his new job, and the prospect of a great job looming for me if I could start work the week after the wedding, we had about 2 days' worth of vacation time. We opted to save the time (which worked out splendidly for us as I am now happily, gainfully employed at a job I adore) and take a phenomenal vacation later when we both have the option of vacation time.

I suppose this means that, although we skipped the honeymoon, we are in our 'honeymoon' stage of marriage.

Here's what I'm learning so far:

- We are still splendidly happy. I think this is the only part that is really honeymoon-y. However, we were probably disgustingly happy from day 1.

- We were bickering the first day of our marriage. Of course, we were running on minimal (no) sleep, a multi-state road trip, and were towing my car behind the truck. I imagine we will bicker intermittently forever.

- We are learning what house rules are like when they aren't 'mine' or 'his,' but OURS. Compromise is a must in my tool belt. The infamous silverware up/down in the dishwasher and 'which way do you roll the toilet paper' battles are real, folks.

- It is blissful to spend time with each other every day.

- We are still capable of laughing till we cry- over nothing or silly youtube videos.

- I love him more today.

- I look forward to spending my future with my husband daily, and say a prayer of thanks for him every day.

- When moving far from home, having a spouse in my corner to be my person has been a huge advantage. He already had some friends and ideas of places I'd like.

- My husband is one of the most generous, considerate people I have ever met. He sneaks out on the weekends to pick up ingredients to make my favorite things for breakfast (and the occasional pumpkin spice latte).

- I love married life.

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