Friday, September 12, 2014

Teacher Blog Challenge

Y'all, we just moved from South Carolina to Alabama. I've always thought of myself as Southern, but I have been told that I didn't live in the 'real' South.  Luckily for me, I've been welcomed into the deep south that is Alabama.

I have been pleasantly surprised by my new "Sweet Home." It is BEAUTIFUL. Sure, it's a different kind of beauty than the lowcountry of South Carolina and Georgia, but beautiful nonetheless. The people are friendly, and there is so much to explore. There's great hiking, beaches, lakes, parks, people, Civil Rights History, museums, and an art and music scene I can't wait to enjoy. Plus, the people are so friendly.

I've been absent from blogging as I try to decide in which direction I want to take this outlet of mine. Recently, the only conclusion I've come up with is that I want to get back into blogging. I miss it. So,
I am participating in the Teacher Blog Challenge.

This isn't nearly as crazy as some of the other "challenges" floating around social media right now. It's a reflective piece for a month, which is perfect for me in this time.

If you want to join me, here's the link to the challenge.

Day 1: 
Write your goals for the school year. Be as specific or abstract as you'd like to be.

This year, my teaching will look different. I work at a Zoo...literally! My classroom instruction is very different, as most of the time, my classroom is outside. My goals this year are:
- Instill an appreciation for the outdoors in my students
- Provide memorable hands-on experiential learning opportunities
- Encourage my students to explore a variety of future career options
- Make every student feel valued in my 'classroom'

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