Friday, September 12, 2014

Confessional Friday

Here goes!

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I confess that .... I love the camaraderie of reading complete strangers' confessions...creepy as that may make me.

I confess that .... one of the elephants at the zoo's "fifth leg" made an appearance in front of my students today.

I also confess that.... I totally ignored it and pretended that all I saw was him pooping, which he was also doing.

I confess that ..... cramps make me turn into someone I can't imagine I've ever known- like the teacher from the black lagoon. Coincidentally, my maiden name was her name. I used to love reading that book to my students!

I confess that ..... my husband is phenomenal- he goes out of his way on a daily basis to make sure that my life is always happy, full, and safe.

I confess that .... I'm really thinking about bringing home the stray tabby that comes to greet me and the pup every morning on our walks. What could another pet hurt? ;)

I confess that ..... at 9 PM on a Friday, I am ready to zonk!

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