Wednesday, June 11, 2014

We're Engaged, Y'all!!

In a magical mountaintop proposal, I got asked to marry the man I will be honored to call my husband for the rest of my life. We are so excited to start our new life together!!!

And we're getting married in less than two months!! Ok, so maybe we've already been engaged for  4 months and I have shamelessly slacked in all things not related to things at hand. Anyway, I'm getting a last name that is AWESOME! It makes people smile and laugh allll the time. I'm going to be a Hollar!

When we met, I asked what his last name was and he answered. My response? Like Holla back girl?! Needless to say, my man was not impressed and countered with, "or, down in the holler." Without fail, giving our name at a restaurant either makes the hostess think we're punking them, or it makes them laugh. Maybe in another few years the novelty will wear off, but I know that I will always love sharing his name. 

And these are the sweet friends that my man had make the strenuous hike ahead of us in the morning and hide out in the trees to photograph the entire proposal. :)

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