Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Give Thanks!

I have lots to give thanks for this year, as do many of my coworkers and students. 

I've been saving my thanks for one big reminder of all the reasons I have to give thanks and praise on a day that I needed it-- that day is today. 

1. Halloween with these sweet kiddos

2. The opportunity to be a science Olympiad coach and learn new material as well as learn from my team. 

3. An extra hour of sleep. 

4. Guest speakers who share their expertise in my classes and make it fun!

5. Coworkers who calm me when I am frenzied planning for multiple days of substitutes

6. The opportunity to travel to a national conference and learn how to be better at my job

7. Learning new things in my curriculum

8. Beautiful skylines

9. Early birthday celebrations with my love (and country music concerts)

10. A sweet small group at church

11. The ability to take a sick day when I really, really need it. 

12. Getting to teach pull-out classes of gifted and talented kids

13. Our academic team that I am lucky enough to help coach and take to competitions (photo at Oglethorpe)

14. Cluster meetings to teach me new strategies- like bounce cards- to facilitate productive dialogue in my classroom

15. My first rodeo

16. Birthday parties for friends

17. Coming from a musical background and having the chance to watch friends and family perform their theses

18. Strong female friends

19. This guy's birthday week

20. Supportive parents that come to conferences when needed

21. Diet coke and peanut butter m&ms

22. Birthday celebrations with my boyfriend

23. Celebrating my best Friend's engagement to her perfect guy

24. My boyfriend loving science and coming with me to experience new things- like the world's biggest aquarium and an exhibit about the human body. 

25. Short weeks at school

26. Loving all of my students and having a chance to let them know in individual notes why I am thankful for each of them before Thanksgiving break. 

27. Diary of a Quilter's blog- she is a lifesaver with her tutorials 

28. Thanksgiving and extended family

29. Fun times with my parents

30. Rivalry football and a romantic boyfriend who makes date nights memorable

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