Sunday, October 20, 2013

Next Steps

Disclaimer: This post is largely for my own accountability. If you aren't interested, stop reading now. 

At our small group last week, we were discussing  our "next steps"- namely, what we need to do next to share God's love and strive to make ourselves beacons of his grace and love to the world around us. What is the next step in our walk with Him?

 I shared that I am struggling with the 7 year old, who has so much anger at the world around him and who's father is not prioritizing him and is trying to turn him against his mother. I am often frustrated with his behavior and cries for attention and struggle to spend time with him in a positive fashion. My next step is to reach out to him more and to spend more time, and tie of quality, with him, talking with him, and asking and answering questions. 

The next night, I was keeping him and we needed to do his nightly reading. We grabbed a book off his bookshelf- it just so happened that it was a devotional book for kids. We opened to the beginning, but decided to find the page for that day. God was speaking to me with exactly what I needed and affirming my next steps- through the voice of a child's devotional book. 

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