Sunday, September 15, 2013

Teacher Gifts

Y'all, teacher gifts are one of those things that most of my teacher friends and I both love and dread.

Dread:  For instance, the Zynga games giftcard so that I could play Farmville on Facebook last year..... not something I wanted, needed, or could find anything worthwhile to do with in my classroom.  The monogrammed napkins with the phrase "World's best teacher"?  At least those can be used at lunchtime and for cleaning up classroom spills.

Really, who needs another 10 things of scented hand lotions and antibacterial hand sanitizer from Bath and Body works?

This year, I have some absolutely precious students.  Many of them really enjoy learning, and are picking up on some of my favorite things already.  I've had kids bring in a variety of bugs to 'show and tell' and study.  I've had kids bring in full fossil displays- dated in geologic time periods!  I've gotten full turtle shells with backbones, sea shells, etc.  They are gifts not necessarily for me, but for my classroom, and they're beautiful and useful and COOL!

bigger than my hand



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