Sunday, September 22, 2013

Middle School "Allergies"

Middle schoolers are infamously known for their "allergies."  I hear excuses couched as allergies all the time. Most recently, "I'm allergic to the front of the room." 

On Friday, a student who has previously borrowed pencils and paper from me on a routine basis asked to borrow a pencil. I responded with my usual, "Sure. What will you trade me?" He insisted that he wouldn't trade me anything. In our classroom, students trade me a belonging for a pencil. When I get my pencil back, the students receive their notebook, textbook, etc. I don't argue with them, but if they don't trade, they have to find their own pencil. 

He came back a short while later and was willing to trade. I handed him a pencil (good old number two variety) and he said he couldn't use it. I'm used to this, as many of my kiddos want mechanical pencils. I asked why, and he told me that he is now allergic to wood. Mind you, the rest of the class is testing and can hear every word this child is saying to me. I asked if he was really allergic and why he didn't mention it previously when he's borrowed pencils from me.

Best allergy excuse ever. Oh, and I did check with the nurse- he's not allergic to wood. Busted. 

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