Saturday, August 31, 2013

Making the Most

I think my personal motto this school year is going to be "making the most of it." Don't get me wrong- I love my school and my kiddos! 

I'm finding myself making the most of every. Single. Minute. Of all my days. Good ole common core has arrived in our school, and I am spending tons of time working, even more than usual at the beginning of a school year. 

I'm making the most of this "get to know you" time with my students- trying to establish a sense of rapport with them. Im especially focused on the ones that I know were in trouble the most last year, because I want to prevent rather than react. 

There is tons of white cinderblock just waiting to be filled. I'm making the most of it. We don't have bulletin boards in my wing, so I made my own. 

Common core standards that relate to science. 

My partner teacher retired, and is just here substituting until her replacement is available to start teaching. I'm making the most of my last days with such a wonderful colleague and mentor. 

My plan is to make the most of this school year in every aspect, both personally and professionally. I'm definitely making the most of opportunities and exposing my students to as much of the outside world as I can.   What are y'all making the most of?

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