Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Happy, Healthy, Safe

Very nearly a year ago, I was discovering that my childhood prayer ending wasn't working out so well for me.  My brothers and I had always added this tidbit to the end of our prayers,

"And God bless (insert names), our family names, and keep us happy, healthy, and safe. Amen."

I was safe, sure.  I was supported by some extremely wonderful friends.  I still don't know how my karma allowed me to have multiple people in my life that are there every. single. time. I was loved and encouraged by my family.  I still didn't have a church home.  I was definitely not happy.  And I'd gained something like 65 pounds in nearly two miserable years of teaching and eating my feelings.  So, er, not particularly healthy, though I did exercise regularly.

I felt like dirt, y'all.  I felt like dirt every single day, and my doctors had told me that I could expect to feel like dirt every single day for the rest of my life.  I'd come to accept it- that I'd be taking hardcore acid reflux medications 3x a day for eternity, that I'd have persistent headaches and migraines, that I'd still need to supplement with other meds to get me through, and that my immune system was and always would be unable to fight infection the way a normal person's would.

As I was surfing through Pinterest and the blog-o-sphere, I stumbled across this idea that what you eat could improve your reflux symptoms.  Well, duh! The doctors told me to avoid certain things (like anything with tomatoes, or soda).  I could pretty much guarantee that I'd either yak or be miserable for hours after eating something with marinara sauce...   But this was on a whole new level.  I hated my body, and I hated feeling sick all the time, so I took the gamble.  I did lots and lots .... and lots of research, and decided that it didn't look like anything that could hurt me long-term if I just tried it out for a little while.

I started making little changes.  I moved over the summer and joined a CSA (community supported agriculture) for myself, instead of just mooching Mom's veggies when I was home.  I tried to avoid eating frozen meals from the grocery store (like lunches and dinners).  That was about it for the first few months.  Over the summer, there weren't a lot of external changes to my body.

I started to get a little happier.  I tried cooking lots of new, different things, and found that I really enjoy cooking.  It doesn't stress me out, and I like the adventure and the challenge of a new recipe.  My hair got soo shiny.  I was able to wean off of one of my 3x/ day reflux doses, and I was no longer feeling like yakking.  These changes were enough to prompt me to continue my research, my studying, and my determination of what was best FOR ME.  I lost a few pounds, but not many, in those first months as I was learning.

And so began the CLEAN EATING CHRONICLES.  I want to share with y'all this 'diet' that I'm on, what I've done, how it's possible, practical, economical, time-savvy, and how I absolutely am not dieting, eat whatever I want whenever I want it, and have learned to keep my family happier and healthier.  As time goes on, I'd love to continue to share this with y'all, and I'd love for you to ask me questions and share your successes and failures with me.

Lord, please keep us happy and healthy and safe.  Amen.

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