Sunday, February 17, 2013

Loving the Life I Live

I've been a little MIA...I've been busy.  I feel like this time of year is always really busy for teachers, but I wasn't able to explain why  to a friend the other day.  It's not report card time, exams time, IEP time, but it's just BUSY.  Of course, this week is crazy because my academic bowl team competes to qualify for state and regional competitions AND my science olympiad team is going to our state competition, hopefully to qualify for Nationals.

Here's what you've missed:

~The first 6 weeks of no longer being a full time student and full time teacher....I had absolutely no idea what to do with all of my "free time."

~My students have been hysterical.  More on that to come later, now that you know I'm still alive.  We've started our chemistry unit, and we're having a blast....literally!

~My little brother moved to Morocco for 27 months to join the Peace Corps.  (I became a hot mess.  I love my brother and will miss him terribly.  We even love each other so much, we went to the same college. :p)
What you can't see is that just before
this he was being a monkey
 and was trying to check my hair for bugs to eat.... 
Me and my "little" brothers
This about sums it up...
 ~My new boy Clint has become a true part of the family.
Mom's hunk of love- new family member
~I found a new church family that has quickly become a 'family' for me.  They introduced me to this: 

~I cancelled my cable tv and used that money to join the local Y, which has a pool.  I managed to find the 'me' that I love the most within minutes in the pool.  I also had my first pool workout in about two years.  It's amazing how much I missed it and had no idea until I got back in the pool and felt more complete and more objective in my perspective.

~I've had time to think and analyze, and study and pray, and have found myself loving the life I'm living right now.  God has given me a small dose of the patience I so frequently need to be content to live in this moment, and to do the best I can as a teacher, as a friend, and as a family member.