Thursday, December 13, 2012

On the 12th day of Christmas....

I literally got 12 drummers drumming.  I help out with the band during my planning as often as I can, and our Christmas show is coming up, so I got to hear all the drummers practicing.

In other news, this slightly OCD teacher loves things like 12/12/12.  It's had me smiling all day.  Last year, for 11/11/11 at 11:11.11, my class and I celebrated.  (Of course, 11:11 is my favorite minute of the day and I'd told them more than once to make a wish at 11:11.)  They set their own alarm and helped me enjoy it...such sweet kids!

Today, we were taking a benchmark test in Social Studies.  One of my kiddos looked up at the clock and exclaimed, "Oh, Man!!!"  I forgave the disturbance because she seemed so distressed.  Turns out it was 12:20 and we'd totally missed the magic number. :(

In other news, there are other sorts of fun celebrations in my life these days.  Yesterday, I submitted my last final exam for my masters and I am FINALLY done with coursework.  Here's what I've been working on:

holiday baking. :D

I made an ironing board cover!

Maybe ironing will be less painful now?


Sorry, nothing too Earth-shattering here. Just living the dream.

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