Wednesday, December 12, 2012

College Experience

We've been chugging right along at school this month.  We're in session through the 21st this year, which is pretty late for us here in SC.

Yesterday, we got to go to a college basketball game at my alma mater.  Before the game, there was a very brief assembly in the college's auditorium where the kids got to meet admissions counselors, be introduced to the Athletic Director, and speak with the Dean of Admissions.  It wasn't so much a "come to our school" spiel as a "stay in school, and consider college" spiel, which is probably much more appropriate for a group of 5-8th graders from a rural school district.

The kids had a blast, though I don't believe there was too much watching of the basketball game after the first 5 minutes of playing time.  As a friend who works for the college said, "I'm not sure whether I was at a basketball game or a teeny bopper night club."  The kids had a blast, though, and we've had the blessing of being able to use basketball as a real life connection to the respiratory and circulatory systems (as well as the muscular/skeletal systems).  :)

I don't think this can hold a candle to the four years I spent as a student here, but it was a blast for the kids (and the teachers).

Some of my gospel choir girls singing the National Anthem.

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  1. Looks like the kids had a great time watching the game.