Friday, November 30, 2012

Farty Artie

Farty Artie is the love of my life.  He is my hunk of a handsome 15 pound cat.  If that makes me a crazy cat lady, so be it.  I've been told he's a Mama's boy.  My boy is very clever, and has been from an early age.

The first night he stayed with me (back when he was too little to be adopted and I fostered him), he managed to get into one of the guys' beers, have a few licks, and ended up with the kitten sized version of the beer box on his head.

My sweet boy has always been playful but is snuggly when I'm in bed.

 He's learned tricks like how to get on top of the mantle and open the cat treats and eat them all...they were up there because it takes him an average of 30 seconds to open a container of treats and we figured he wouldn't be able to reach...wrong!

He has learned how to make benadryl froth and later how to make himself throw up after taking a pill.

 He's learned how to sneak food off Mom's plate when she's not looking.

 He's become a Dad/ Big brother... not biologically, of course.

He's learned how to unzip my lunch box, pry the lid off of a tupperware container, and eat my leftover barbeque.  

And most recently, my boy learned how to escape the kitty carrier.  I stopped for a visit on my way home from Thanksgiving and cracked the windows a good bit for the puppy.  Artie was in the carrier, which was zipped shut.  I made it almost 2 hours towards home before the kitten crawled into my lap in the drivers' seat.  This was alarming since I'd witnessed her being secured into the kitty carrier with her brother.  I pulled over, put her back, and began looking for Artie.  He was nowhere to be found.  At this point, I made the panicked, "I can't find my cat" phone call.  Bless the souls of the wonderful men who left their dinner out and went searching for my boy, then delivered him safely to my parents.  Artie is now on an extended vacation at my parents' house.... and we miss our escape Artist magician.  

Seriously, who has a more clever cat than this?

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