Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wonderful Wednesday!

Today has been a truly wonderful day, even though it's been incredibly busy.  I should honestly be trying to add to my research paper, but right now, I just need a break.

The planets seemed to align for me today.  I had my first of 8 formal observations this morning.  We get observed all the time, but only 8 'count.'  I got to schedule this one since it was the first of the year, and I chose to do it during first period even though I prefer to have taught the lesson and worked through the kinks before I get observed.  It was a gamble, and it paid off.  If only my scores can stay this high all year. :)  I'm sure that they won't as observations never come on the best days, and this lesson went far better than I'd expected... the kids almost made it too easy for me.  Except for the ones who ignored the observer and acted just like they do every other day that they aren't in ISS....

We had such a cool day all day today.  My 7th grade science students did strawberry DNA extraction.  I've actually never done it with students before, and they handled it well.  Even my non-readers and non-English speakers were able to learn and make connections/ inferences today.

Kneading the strawberry.
You should have seen his face when I pulled the DNA out of his project cup.
Everything has DNA even a dead deer.
Glad he remembered the 'all plant and animal cells have DNA' chat
My 8th graders got to meet a man from the SC House of Representatives, Mike Pitts.  He was phenomenal with the kids.  Apparently, he makes day trips to schools all over the state as he's invited.  No campaigning, of course-- but he came to show the kids how a bill goes through the legislative process.  He did a different bill each class -- ours was a texting and driving bill -- it started with the sub-committees and worked its way up.  There were three teachers there, and my kids got to be members of the House and Senators.  They had a blast- and their questions were great.  Pitts gave one of my boys some sort of authentic coin- didn't get to check them out because we had to rush to their next class- and then took some of them away when one of my girls made a really great point about the need for taxes and gave them to her.

surplus of produce

I got to stop by the farm on my way home, which is one of the best things about Wednesday.  I love the farm! And my farmer! And cooking experiments.

And of course, I came home all happy and exhausted from a day full of labs and politicians to find my new futon mattress sitting on the back patio. :)  I don't think I mentioned it, but the man of the house, my Artie, had a kidney infection a couple of weeks ago and his 'comfort place' is apparently my futon. and my living room rug.  I couldn't get the smell out and after a few weeks of misery, decided to suck it up and buy a nice, new mattress.  Now, to slowly make covers for the throw pillows since they're currently the same color as the futon.

the present...safely protected from the man of the house
flowers from the farm
(and some roses from one of the school boys in Charleston)

Sorry this is so long, but I wanted to share my wonderful Wednesday with you!

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