Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Acting it Out and Academic Team

I feel like I've been beating some of our concepts to death these days.  Between the undercurrent of energy running through  the room and the fact that I was starting to lose their attention, I had one of my morning classes show me how they would move if they were different types of protists -- euglena, paramecium, amoeba.  Of course, I modeled it for them first and made myself look quite foolish, but they loved it.... and they did it without complaining.... and they GET IT!!!!  They may have to make some weird motions to remember during their tests, but at least they know it. :)  As an added bonus, it was great fun to watch them move the different directions and distances I told them to go.  Some of them got really into it!  I laughed all day.

I also coach the academic team.  Right now, it's 6 boys and 1 girl.  2 more girls will be joining us after volleyball season ends.  Picture the six sweetest, smartest, goofiest, nerdiest boys you know... That's our boys!  We were practicing a variety of question types to get them prepared for in and out of state competitions (they're different types of questions based on where you compete).  One of the questions mentioned aphrodisiacs.  They tried to answer and failed.  We shared the correct answer.  Then, one of the sweet boys looks at us and says "What's an aphrodisiac? I want to make notes on it in my academic team notebook."  The other coach and I looked at each other and just laughed.  Eventually, we came up with a fumbling, "It's something that's supposed to help you get 'in the mood.' " We were both beet red and uncomfortably laughing.  The boys' faces as they realized what it meant were so funny.  They were all generally uncomfortable as well, and the one who'd asked quickly informed us that we were moving on to new topics.  I'm not sure who had the worse end in that scenario.  A note to the academic bowl question makers: Avoid such uncomfortable questions, please!!  Sincerely, SC

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