Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Winter, Spring, Summer, Football

There are clearly four seasons each year.  As a good Southern girl, I celebrate the season of football.  With football/ fall comes some of my favorite things:  Yummy foods, long days and evenings on the porch, spiced cider, fall clothes, pumpkin and apple picking, fall crops, hayrides, corn mazes, and so much fun!  This post is dedicated to some of our fall activities.

farm fresh veggies - last week of summer harvest.

'spaghetti' - spaghetti squash with homemade marinara

high school swimming

Fall veggies. Even the kitty thinks they're good. 

Football.  This was the picture used in the "which shirt should I wear?"
 message to my favorite Florida State fan.
My newly decorated for fall front door.

The mums in pumpkins are so much fun.  They make me smile just looking at them.  It was easy and cheap.  2 $3 pumpkins and 2 $2.50 mums.... right at 11 dollars and about 15 minutes of work to cut the tops off, gut the pumpkins, and punch holes in the bottoms for water drainage.  

I saved the tops of the pumpkins and baked them.  My house smells so fall-y and the pumpkin is getting made into a treat for my faculty on Friday.  It's my group's turn to host the party. 

The wreath was also a great deal.  I spent the days and weeks after the major holidays last year haunting Wal-Mart and Target and waited until their decorations were 70-75% off or more.  This particular wreath cost the high, high price of two bucks.

As for school, my life science students are doing "Why do leaves change color" activities.  I keep trying to link them up or use google docs, but I'm thinking I may just have to start a TpT page...thoughts?

I can't wait till the leaves really start changing -- they're just starting to tint red -- and I can start going for long, scenic walks and drives.

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