Thursday, September 27, 2012

Time Flies

...when you're having fun!

I'm having so much fun with my kiddos this year.  I can't believe tomorrow will wrap up our 6th full week of school.  I can hardly believe it, and then I realize how soon all the state standardized tests are... yowza!  I'm still adjusting- but is any teacher ever used to having 30 kids in her class and trying to help all of them?

My honors science kiddos had their first benchmark today, so we'll see how they do. :)  It looked like most of them were doing pretty well, from the peeking I did as I walked around.

My general science kiddos did our first webquest today- except I forgot that webquests involve a LOT of informational text, and for my classes, that's incredibly difficult.  Regardless, they were all excited about using the computers and most put in an impressive display of effort, even if all of them were raising their hand to have me hover while they worked.  There was just not enough of me to go around today, but I had a good time watching them enjoy the computers.

My social studies angels are talking about proprietary/colonial times.  We're super weak in the dates of events according to their most recent test.  So, as a review, we made a timeline today.  Each kid was responsible for an event- year, picture, brief description.  Looking at it was the stimulus that led to this post.  I can't believe how much we've covered.... and how little, according to the standards!  Here's our timeline so far... I plan to keep it going around the room for the rest of the year.

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