Thursday, September 27, 2012

Predictable Fashionista

My coworkers are so sweet and genuinely seem to enjoy some of my clothes.  Those of you that know me know that most of them come from the clearance rack at Ann Taylor Loft or from TJ Maxx.... you know, the pricey stores?  I'm definitely not the most fashionable girl around.  I think I look cute sometimes, and I do make an effort to look nice and professional, but.... I wear khaki colored corduroys when it's not winter yet, I sometimes wear socks that aren't black with black shoes (but that's usually right before laundry day), I wear white when it's warm enough- regardless of whether the date is between Memorial and Labor Day.  I rarely wear makeup other than eye makeup and a little blush if I need it.  I'm not the best-dressed, most stylish girl around, nor do I think I'm the best dressed in my school by any stretch.  Nonetheless, I often get compliments on my outfits.

Once upon a time, I had to wear uniforms to work, so though I was conscious of my students paying attention to what I wore to school, I didn't really notice it.  This year, I have students comment what feels like constantly on my clothing and accessory choices.

My 7th period loves to come down the hall and see whether I've 'grown.'  They mean whether or not I'm wearing heels.  I switch it up a lot, but do wear some sort of heel several days out of most weeks.  I've tried explaining to them that when you're an adult, you don't grow up anymore and instead grow around, but they don't seem to understand that.  It's become a bit of a running joke that I 'grow' and 'shrink' overnight.  I'm their very own Alice.

Yesterday, I wore a white top that I've worn twice recently with my super rockin' green pants.  One of my girls asked me if something was wrong with my green pants.  I told her no, and inquired about her reasons for asking.  Her response: The last two times you've worn that shirt, you wore it with your green pants.  Lesson learned, girl, lesson learned.  Mix up my staple items better with my outfits.

They also love to ask me, "Didn't you already wear that on Thursday?" on a Thursday.  The first time they asked me, I didn't quite get it and fell for the joke.  I responded with something like, "I have no idea what I wore last Thursday. I can't remember last week."  Now, I get it.  They still trick lots of others.  You know how it's some sort of cardinal sin to wear the same outfit on the same day of the week when you're in middle school?  I think it's even worse if you're a teacher.  The other teachers probably won't notice, but you can guarantee our students will.

So..... what are your tips for making a staple wardrobe more diverse?


  1. :) Gotta love kids! My little students would try to dress like me on dress down days (out of uniform days) or wear their hair like I did.

  2. I keep a red (school color) fleece in my classroom just in case. Had to put it on today- was wearing green underneath. Apparently, I look like Christmas.