Thursday, August 23, 2012

Magical Moments

Today we had one of those absolutely wonderful classroom moments.  I feel like I've been hammering the concept of respecting not just me but each other and themselves into their heads this week.  Today, I asked one of my boys who was looking particularly interested to read a paragraph from the primary source we were talking about.  He's pretty quiet, but I asked him if he wanted to read and he said sure.  He read beautifully, no errors (even for difficult content) and in a clear, loud, well-enunciated voice.  It was phenomenal.  I complimented him and moved on.  About 2 seconds later, another boy in his class raised his hand, apologized for the interruption, and asked if he could just say one thing.  His one thing?

"Ms. Green, That's literally the most I've ever heard him (boy #1) say all strung together and we've been in the same class for the last three years.  He deserves a ticket (a reward in my classroom) for the excellent job he just did."

Admittedly, a little over the top, but totally sweet.  I had no idea that boy was so shy.  The entire class agreed and broke into spontaneous applause for boy #1.  Of course at this point, they may have just been applauding the fact that class was almost over, but who knows?  I turned it into a conversation about what respecting each other really looks like, and how that was a perfect example.

sorting through and unlocking all of these then finding the student they were assigned to....
not such a magical moment

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