Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Cloud 9

Y'all, I'm on cloud nine this week.  We started back to school with kiddos on Monday, so we're 3 days in.  177 to go?  Haha.

I know that I'm definitely in the honeymoon phase with my students this year.  We're still in the first week, let alone the first month.  I've had a few boys and girls try to test their limits already, but after a pep talk with the wildest and most self-deprecating of the bunch, things seem to be evening out.  We got into our instructional materials today, and everything went surprisingly well.  I have 50 minute periods, which seems to be the perfect amount of time for us to get going and learn without getting too restless or losing student attention.  I love love love my students so far.  There are some that I can already tell are absolute sweethearts, and as usual, the underdogs that are trying as hard as they can are winning my heart already.

The other absolutely HUGE reason that I'm on cloud 9 is that I got an incredible compliment.  We're implementing a program called Facilitating Student Learning (FSL) that's had success at a few other schools in our district.  The man who implemented the program at those schools is with us this year.  He's been a science teacher for the last 32 years at middle, high, and college levels, so he knows his stuff.  Yesterday, I was looking over my notes from his meeting with me and the other 7th grade science teacher.  I thought that they correlated well with a handout that I give to my students for our inquiry standard, so I dropped it off in his office.  He was in another meeting, but gave it a cursory glance and said he liked it.  A short while later, he came into my class and interrupted me long enough to tell me that he loved it, that it was the best inquiry tool and information he's seen in 30 years, and would I mind if he shared it with my grade partner and the other science teachers?  Of course I gave him the go-ahead and had a mental moment to pat myself on the back.

THEN, today at lunch, he asked me if I had anything similar for human body systems.  The health teacher has a pretty big overlap with our standards and our FSL leader was hoping to have the health teacher start introducing my human body standards since we don't cover them until 2nd semester.  It's such an incredible feeling to be so young and have such an expert me genuinely compliment me and ask for my resources.

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