Monday, August 27, 2012

30 Days on the Plate

I have some truly wonderful people in my life who are encouraging and supportive.  This post is to thank them for the encouragement, support, and lack of judgment.  Obviously, the 7 billion or so of us on this Earth will never agree on anything 100%, especially when it boils down to what we think is best.

I've begun a lifestyle change in the last few months, and I don't need the approval of anyone else. I've always been just a *bit* stubborn. :)  I am making this change for myself.  I don't expect the people I spend time with to live or eat the same way that I do.  It may not be what's best for them and their families, or it may just not be something that they want to do or feel that they need to do.  When I'm visiting with others, I eat what they eat.  Ever hear the saying, "you get what you get and you don't pitch a fit?"  Well, it's true.  That being said, if you eat in my home, you're likely to get something organic and unprocessed these days.  Point being, I don't push this on anyone, I'm not perfect at it, and I don't want to be criticized for the lifestyle that I'm choosing to live.  I've done my research, am still doing my research, and am being careful.

I have a former coworker who is starting a group of us on a challenge of sorts.  Kudos to her. :)  I don't know that challenge is the appropriate term as there's no competition amongst the group.  It is a concerted effort on our parts to cut out processed and GMO foods for 30 days.  We'll be sharing things like: what we ate and cooked, what was packed for school lunches, successes, failures, recipes, our research, tips and tricks, and so forth.  I am so excited about this thirty days.

Of course, it'll be interesting, and it requires planning.  No problem for me and my planner!  It does, however, make it difficult not to already know what you're having for dinner when you leave for work in the morning.  Undoubtedly, I'll forget my lunch one day and eat another school lunch that makes me feel sick for hours afterward, regardless of how good I would have once thought it tasted.  On this journey, I will be making foods that I enjoy and find tasty.  Topics to come might include things such as balancing it all and finding time to eat right, avoiding excuses, dating and avoiding processed/ GMO foods, etc.

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