Tuesday, July 10, 2012

We Bought A Zoo!

Okay, so I'm just paying a very small rent to my friend and they aren't her animals...but her fenced in backyard DOES back up to a farm.  It's truly captivating.

Yesterday, I had my first glimpse of the mythical buffalo.  I was driving and saw them from the road, so I pulled over to snap this:
I was too chicken to get any closer or to stick around and try to get a better shot.  All I could think of during this encounter were the multitude of warnings I got while at Yellowstone, where the park rangers repeatedly cautioned that the buffalo might approach you, seem friendly, but turn on you and then do things like destroy you and your car.  Naturally- a little cautious.  Today, I mustered my courage and in that "this is so terrible something bad is gonna happen I can't watch but I can't stop watching" way, I walked right up.

Today, we were enjoying the beautiful late summer storm and I saw them (all 3) for the first time in the backyard.  By "I saw them," what I mean is, the dog started barking ballistically and I couldn't see the donkeys (her general source of unrest these days), so I wandered out in the rain to see what all the fuss is about.  Watching her meet the buffalo for the first time (and having the chance myself to get up close and personal with the Bills' Mascot), I just knew I needed to grab the camera and not worry about the rain.  The lens started to get wet, so some of the later pictures are really poor quality.  Sorry!  Here's my zoo....and my crazy dog!

New friend! No zoom...I was that close.
You can call me Dr. Doolittle....except I have no idea what mmmmmm means from a buffalo and chose to interpret it as "Get away from me now, you're irritating me."
They just calmly looked at her...which is why I couldn't get a good one of their pictures.

still no zoom

nom nom nom

brown cow, left...donkey, middle...buffalo, right

How now, brown cow?

Cow, goat, buffalo.

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  1. I LOVE that buffalo are your summertime friends!!! :) we saw some in SD and I'll NEVER forget how inspiring (and ugly, at times) they are!!