Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Wardrobe

My friend Rachel at Happily Ever After! is creating a new wardrobe for herself.  Rach is fashionable, more stylish than I could ever hope to be, and very smart, so she's managing to do all of this thriftily.  Oh, and did I mention, she's sewing most of it herself?!?!?!  She's doing this neat wardrobe planning activity.  She made a list of essentials and is systematically knocking them out.  I've done something similar, but I'm not nearly the seamstress she is.  My mother is probably laughing hysterically at that last sentence.  Sewing is not my greatest strength, nor my passion.  I can thread a needle or the machine, and beyond that, I'm pretty limited.  So, I have my list.

For all the times I've heard people say that they just aren't able to buy new clothes, sometimes you really need to suck it up and replace the pilly black cardigan, no matter how much you love it.  I learned from my mother at a young age that the best places to shop are the clearance racks.  Even with all the inflation, etc. in today's world, I think I manage to do pretty well with my needed essentials.  I'm going to attach a screen shot of my most recent wardrobe purchases, which were primarily for the pants and the cream-colored top.  Ever notice that no matter how often you buy the staple white/ cream tops, you still feel like you're constantly looking for a replacement?

You can see the original prices with the line through them.  These purchases are all from Ann-Taylor Loft.  I'm a teacher, so where else would I choose to wardrobe? What you don't see pictured are the two new sweaters I got a month or two ago.  I desperately needed a black cardi, so ran in to see if they had any.  They had one on my size on the rack listed as Final Sale $9.88.  I went up to the register and it rang up $4.88.  I pulled the "Excuse me, are you sure that's ringing up as the right price?" line with the cashier, who told me that it was correct.  I'm pretty sure she laughed at me because I said, "Oh, hold on....there's one in my size in Navy on the rack too... I'll be right back."  So, I got two sweaters for less than ten bucks.  Now, they're on sale for $2.93, but I already had what I needed; no sense in replicating.  I just wanted to show y'all that it IS possible to keep yourself looking better than threadbare and not have to wear the same few outfits over and over again.  Good luck with your 'back-to-school' shopping!

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