Friday, July 6, 2012

Things that are worse than the heat

First of all, everyone knows its been an obscenely hot couple of weeks. If you been fortunate enough to have power, stop complaining. Or maybe offer to volunteer and help some of the many without power and much more affected by the weather and the storms than yourself. If you ate one of those people without power, we're praying for you. I know a girl going through chemo and her family had no power for days. She handled it gracefully and she has all sorts of things going into her body that would make it perfectly understandable for her to whine and moan. I've compiled a list (because I just really really love lists) of things that are worse.

1. You could be that soldier, missing his/her family and friends and doing a career that is undoubtedly honorable and impressive.

2. You could be a public employee in the city of Scranton, PA. Have y'all seen the news? Bless their hearts. The city's broke and decided to cut all of these peoples' hourly pay to minimum wage, despite an injunction forbidding such action.

3. You could be the one doctor on duty in every doctor's office this week. I spent an hour and a half waiting in an overfilled lobby. Literally, no chairs. A man came in having a heart attack and they told him it would be a couple hours. So much for "urgent care.". He got someone to drive him to a hospital. Anyway, I called four other offices and all of them only had one doctor on duty.

So, I challenge you to find your inner optimism and make the most of the heat. Clean te inside of your house. Enjoy the beautiful early morning and evening weather. Go play in the sprinkler. Happy weekend!

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