Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Television in Your Home

I was in line today at the movie store standing behind that woman who just wouldn't stop talking to the cashier, make her purchase, and leave.  Since I was stuck there, I started listening to her conversation.  It was all about how many TV's they have in their house.  how many TVs they HAVE to have in their house.  Because TV is clearly essential, right?  She was saying that maybe once the kids move out and they don't have to have as many TVs, they'll do some sort of upgrade thing with their TVs.  Apparently, this family needs a TV in each of their four childrens' bedrooms, the master bedroom, as well as one in each common room (kitchen, living room, family room).  I can't imagine a life with this many TVs in the house.  Perhaps this is because, growing up, we weren't allowed to have TVs in our bedrooms, and my parents never had one in theirs.  During my teen years, we got the HUGE privilege of getting to have a TV in the 'teen room,' which was our family's den/ family room.  If my brothers were watching Indiana Jones or Star Wars for the 9,764,381 time, I could go into the other room.  Sometimes, obscure NFL games were on in one room and chick flicks were on in the other, etc.  We were so glad to have 2 televisions because that way if we didn't like what whomever had control of the remote was watching, we had the option of going into the other room and watching something more pleasing.  Rarely was one person in front of the TV alone, however.  Family movie and game nights were always spent in the same room.

I had a TV in my room in college because, well, it was a dorm.  I thought I liked this, so I took my beautiful 13" TV with built in VCR courtesy of my great-grandmother and her old nursing home furniture into my post-college bedroom.  It did little other than gather dust, so I had my parents take it back to their house after about a year.

I don't understand the 'need' for so many TVs in one home.  In fact, I see it causing many problems.  The family isn't spending time together, though you could argue that watching TV together isn't quality time anyway.  I disagree- my Mom and I bonded extensively over Gilmore Girls every Tuesday night at 8.  When there is a TV in each child's room, it encourages them to spend time alone, makes it harder for parents to supervise what they watch (even with parental controls), and a number of other possible side effects I just really don't understand.  For instance, the Hopper from Dish TV.  I can maybe understand you wanting to take the movie you were watching into the bedroom.  But do you really need to be able to pause the movie in the living room and then go grab the popcorn out of the microwave in the kitchen and pick up the movie in the kitchen before heading back to the living room couch?

What do you think? How many TVs do you 'need'?  Do you need cable/ dish/ whatever other method for getting a zillion channels is out there?  Somebody explain to me the benefits of this woman's family having so many (7 or 8 by my count) TVs, cause I just don't see it.  Oh, and if you use bunny ears, please let me know how they work for your family, because I'm seriously considering them.  The only thing I'm worried about is this fall's football season.... we don't have a lot of bars in town, and I want to make sure I can watch the games that are important to me.


  1. I can tell you we have TOO many tvs in our house!! :) And I don't hardly EVER watch any of them. Actually, now that you've got me thinking about it, my 18 year old watches the most and that's only at night. Hmmmm.....maybe the Direct TV service could be cancelled or downgraded! :)

    On a sidenote-I just cancelled my home phone the other day. We NEVER use it. Will save me $35 each month and will still be able to dial 911 if we need to. Not that it will help as far out as we live. :)


  2. We have one tv and bunny ears! Bunny ears are awesome:)