Saturday, July 21, 2012

Summertime Menus

Lots of people are finally getting into the swing of their summertime food preferences.  It's hot, so everybody seems to want things cool and refreshing.  I thought I'd join the party and share some of the things I've been eating that are mostly healthy and tasty, as well!

A dirty, farm-fresh haul!
Salad- organic mixed greens, squash, assorted heirloom tomatoes, assorted peppers,  and some feta cheese for protein.

Super simple lunch- some crenshaw melon and leftover edamame (oh, and chocolate almond milk!)

Tomato, mozarella, and basil sandwich.  A new summer staple, though sometimes it's just a plain tomato, or no bread.
What are you doing to keep cool, healthy, and refreshed this summer?

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