Sunday, July 29, 2012

Dogs Aren't Like People

I found myself explaining to the five year old that lives on the street behind me yesterday that "dogs aren't like people."  She absolutely didn't understand the concept that dogs don't hurt people without least normal dogs, like mine. :)  I explained to her that they love their friends and family just like people do, but that they aren't vindictive and don't try to hurt your feelings or your body just because they can.  They might bite when they're scared, but generally won't hurt you unless you hurt one of their people or perhaps the pup itself.  This girl loves my pup, Kiawah.  The kiddos call her Kiwi- something I started for all the little ones we encounter who haven't got a prayer of being able to pronounce Kiawah.

It was wonderfully refreshing to experience a little bit of the world through the eyes of a 5 year old.  Kudos to my early childhood friends that do this on a daily basis!  I still don't think I could handle a room full of them 5 days a week.  She is this incredibly curious, sweet, literally had me laughing out loud, wanted to hold my hand and get over her fear of dogs just so we could "be friends" kid.  It was adorable.  In addition to this girl, there are another handful or two of kids in the neighborhood who seem to be so curious.  They're constantly looking for help while playing girls v. boys "Cops and Robbers" or 500.  They also now know me as Ms. Amy, the lady with the "G" on the door.  I love that my neighborhood is safe enough for the kids to run around in and close-knit enough that the parents let the kids run from house to house and yard to yard.  I also love that the kids tend to hang out outside, even though it's pretty toasty during the day.

What's not to love?
I'm so looking forward to this new neighborhood and our new place!  Maybe I'll make some grown-up friends here, too.   I'm so excited to be here, in this place, meeting these people, and I'm incredibly thankful for the opportunity and the strange turn of events that led me here.

The countdown is on! 2 weeks and 1 day!

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  1. We go back to school in 2 weeks (teachers), and the kids go back in 3 weeks. I'm in panic mode since I'll be teaching US history for the 1st time, and I "said" I was going to take the summer to get prepared. HAHAHA. I have done a couple of things but not NEARLY enough or what I said I was going to do. :)