Friday, July 20, 2012

Daring to be JOYful and Celebrating My Roots

I'm taking the chance to link up with A Blonde Ambition's celebration.

I am Southern born and Southern bred.  Have you ever heard the University of North Carolina's fight song?  Now, here in South Carolina, we can't call them Carolina.  We're home to the true Carolina, University of South Carolina.  Coincidentally, this fine state is also home to the REAL USC-- University of South Carolina again, y'all.  Yankees love us, and to sing about us, and hear us talk.  Anyway, the song goes like this:

I'm a Tar Heel born, I'm a Tar Heel bred.
And when I die, I'm a Tar Heel dead.
So it's rah-rah, Car'lina-'lina!
Rah-rah, Car'lina-'lina!
Rah-rah, Car'lina-'lina!
Rah, rah, rah!

Except the last line "rah, rah, rah" is replaced by something much less classy the majority of the time: "Go to hell 'insert rival name (State, Duke, depending on sport) here' "  The lack of class is redeemed by the extra class that comes from pearls, dresses, and cute shoes/ heels and the fact that it's coming out of a beautiful gal's mouth.  

My sorority (44.) took a nice approach and modified the song.

"I'm Tri-Sigma born and Tri-Sigma bred 
and when I die, I'll be Tri-Sigma dead
So rah rah for Sigma, Sigma,
rah rah for Sigma, Sigma, 
rah rah for Sigma Tri

I'm Tri Sigma young and Tri Sigma old
and when I die, I'll be Tri-Sigma gold,

We southerners aren't lacking in pride, hospitality, or least most of us.

We take pride in lots of aspects of our lives:
43. Firefly- the life of Wadmalaw Island
21. our appearance
22. our land
23. our culture
24. our sweet tea
25. the quality of our food
26. the quality of Gullah food
27. our colleges
28. definitely in our favorite sports teams
29. our sports teams' records
30. our FABULOUS sports Rivalry
31. our state dance, the shag

Charleston, SC is supposed to be the most hospitable city in the South.  My family moved to Charleston my junior year of high school when my dad got a government job there.  Who could really complain?  All of us promptly fell deeply in love with Charleston.  It's a mix of a unique accent, old South, money, arts, international artists at the annual Piccolo-Spoleto festival, colleges, bridges, beaches, marshes, churches (it is,after all, the Holy City), pluff mud, the smell of money (aka the paper mill), the edge of America, a very rich history, national landmarks, some of the South's redeeming job industries, like Boeing, and a gargantuan variety of people all coexisting peacefully.  It is beautiful.  The variety is nothing like what you would find in a city like D.C., but the people are much friendlier and, arguably, happier.

And as for the manners, who could EVER complain about extra niceties in their daily interactions?  My guy friends will occasionally spring for my meal or movie just to be nice and can always be counted on to help me up/down, hold the doors, open the car door and help me climb in, to drive, and to provide excellent company.

Here are some pictures of my favorite things in South Carolina, and just a few things I'm thankful for:

32. Charleston Skyline

34. mmmmmmm.......'nuff said.


36. Rainbow Row


39. Tony is a womanizer and a charmer.
Always a good time, and delicious boiled peanuts and fresh farm produce.
And always, the sweetgrass hat without a top.

41. The Angel Oak- there's a better picture of this in my home that gets tons of compliments.


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