Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Try Something New! Days 6 and 7

I actually did these on the days I was supposed to....but I've been everywhere but the computer since.

Day 6:

I roadtripped up to the Columbia area to see one of my besties and her sweet baby girl.  I've never had such a long conversation with a baby.  I'd never really enjoyed a baby so much.  And, it was great to see my sweet friend and have lunch at McAllister's, an old favorite restaurant that isn't too close to home for me, so it was a special treat day.

Day 7: 

I'm renting a room in a friend's house for the second session of summer school, since I have to be on campus every day and my lease was ending and is also an hour away from campus, plus the time to find parking.  It's a great option for me.  I showed up the first night, let the puppy into the yard, and came outside to see what all her barking was about.  As it turned out, there were donkeys hanging out at the fence.  According to the neighbors, you can feed them.  I got to pet them.  Definitely a new experience!  Since then, I've also seen the horses.  I'm really really looking forward to seeing the buffalo.  Thank you, Mexican restaurant owner that owns all the land behind the neighborhood.

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