Monday, June 18, 2012

Summer Vacation: A Time to Learn

It's SUMMERTIME!!!!!!!!!!!!

School was out for students Thursday, and we worked Friday, then headed out.  I moved out of my classroom and had a very bittersweet day, but I'm so looking forward to my new teaching opportunity.

This week is pretty much my only week of traditional summer vacation.  I'm starting Summer Session 2 next Monday and will be taking 7 hours plus working on my masters project and planning for new curricula in the fall until the 1st of August.  I'm going to be a busy, busy bee. :)  August brings final exams, training on how to use / spend lots of money, a few "free days" in which I'll be setting up my classroom and getting organized, and then we have teacher work days and BACK TO SCHOOL!

So, I'll be learning in the traditional sense plenty this summer.  For my week off, I'm trying to enjoy as much as I can.

Father's Day Brunch with Mom and Dad

A rare photo of JUST my parents

me and my Daddy.... I need sunglasses!

In order to help with this, I've decided to try something new every day for a full week.  You learn something every day , right?  Here are the first two days.  I highly recommend both things, y'all .

Chia seeds as treatment for reflux....instead of Tums.  It worked, too...even the very small dose I apprehensively tried.

I also mixed a few seeds into my yogurt and felt quite full.  It was a much more productive snack than a teeny cup of yogurt would.

Paddle Boarding.
My Dad bought a deal for a tour on Livingsocial and couldn't find a good time to go, so Mom and I took advantage.  We got a 3 hour tour slightly a la Gilligan's Island but had a BLAST with the tour guides.  One is a marine biologist, so he and I connected on the science teacher front.  The other graduated from the same college I did and we had some interesting chats, especially since I'll be working in that sleepy town this fall.  I wish I had pictures, but I didn't want to risk ruining the camera, so no such luck.

I've also taken my dog and mom's dog to the beach once for a good walk/ play in the ocean.  I've gone once for myself and met some neat people after I got in from my swim.  I love that my parents live at the beach!

Happy summer, everybody!

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