Friday, June 8, 2012

Proud To Bursting: Career Day

First of all, we took our 8th graders to a Career Day yesterday, and it was WONDERFUL.

I was literally proud to bursting of my kids.  Unfortunately, I was SEVERELY disappointed in the etiquette of many of the teachers from other schools. 

I teach at an alternative school.  I still maintain that I don't teach "bad kids" I just teach kids that need to be reached in different methods.  I can't wait to see their yearly growth, which I'm sure is much more than one grade level based on their MAP test scores. :)  At any rate, these teachers needed a lesson in etiquette.  I repeatedly heard them trash talking our students, who were behaving at least as well as, if not better than, many of their students. The district entirely ignored us, refused to acknowlege us, and so forth during the group meeting, our kids took the very pointed jab well.  I witnessed multiple accounts of teachers pulling aside their former students who are now mine to talk to them.  One student was asked if he missed the teacher who formerly wrote him up nearly every day.  He answered, "No ma'am," and I couldn't help but smile.  He was both honest and respectful.  I'm sure he would have preferred to say H - E - double hockey sticks no!!!  She was sweet as pie to him, then turned around and said she was sure he was still a terror and couldn't be helped.  Apalling.

They had a blast.  Every . single .  time I peeked into a room that had some of my students in it, they were sitting quietly, paying attention, and participating.  Gotta love them!

Not so many interested in our lives.....

This guy was a HUGE hit with our kiddos.

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