Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Elbow Burn

Today was field day.  Even middle and high school kids get seriously pumped about field day.  Think about it from their perspective- no class, mingling with friends from other grades, PT clothes instead of uniforms, whatever shoes you want to wear, massive amounts of junk food and soda.... what could be better for a teenager?

I woke up at 3:19 this morning to a massive downpour.  I'm a pretty sound sleeper and since I've started using an air purifier, the white noise in my room pretty much allows me to sleep through anything, so this was some loud rain.  It kept raining as I dozed until a little before 6.  It almost stopped when I went to walk the dog, but we got caught in a downpour on the way back from our walk.  I was so afraid the school would cancel the day.  

BUT, Thank goodness for rain plans!!!!!!!!!

We set up inflatables in one half of the gym and had basketball games, shooting competitions, shootouts, etc on the other half of the court, good music from our resident event DJ/ PE coach, and bleachers full of jabbering kids.  After lunch, they had snow cones, cookies, chips, and soda on the covered walkway.  For snack, they had their snack PLUS an ice cream sandwich.

The inflatables were an amazing source of fun.  One had a ladder up the middle and two steep slides, one on each side of the ladder.  The other was a racing obstacle course.  Both were a HUGE hit, though the boys did wrestle too much and deflated the racing one a couple of times.  Oops.  In my mind, every time a kid went through this, it was like watching a contestant on Wipeout or Ninja Warrior, both shows I absolutely enjoy every time I watch.  

Not afraid to play dirty
Yes, I know you were wondering...I raced some kids through the obstacle course.  It's taken me until this late in the day (more than 8 hours later) to figure out why my elbows hurt so much and are raw...it's from the inflatable vinyl.  I feel like a kid with cool battle wounds and I love it.  PS- I won two out of three. :)  AND I only cheated by sneaking a head start once.   I kinda got stuck in the bobbing things when I lost.  I mean, technically, I still won because one of the male teachers grabbed the kid and let me sprint back to half court first, but he definitely had me until my buddy helped me out.

An unexpected obstacle...sneak away student at the top of the ladder to push you back down.
Overall, field day was a success.  To look forward to on Monday, our last full day: a dunking booth (I didn't volunteer) and the opportunity to pie teachers' faces based on the number of points your MAP scores increased (I did volunteer).  

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