Monday, May 7, 2012


My birthday was last week.  Since my birthday has, for all my years of memory, either been during standardized testing in K12, final exams in college, and now final exams in grad school, celebrating the advent of another year of life on the actual day of my birth is not particularly relevant to me.  I spent some time this year having girls' nights right around my birthday, worked the day of, and then spent the afternoon in the park with my dog, both at the dog park and then walking a wonderful trail we have called the Swamp Rabbit.  It was an easy day of homebound instruction with a sweet kid and was followed by a wonderful and relaxing afternoon, and a good movie night at home.  This week, I got to have girls' night with some pretty fabulous cancer survivors and their siblings that are former campers of my dear friend Jen.  Dinner and a super cheap movie plus some great company makes for a pretty fablous night.  My roommate's boyfriend talked me into going to the midnight premiere of Avengers with them yesterday, and it was definitely worth the lack of sleep.  We had a blast just wandering around in the evening at Target and other such high quality places as the grocery store.  I think it really just had to do with the company.

I've gotten some pretty awesome presents- visit, dinner from parents and grandparents, etc.

The best present by far, however, was my present from my roommate's boyfriend.
In preparation for the Avengers movie (which he dragged me to at midnight opening night), he gave me a Thor gift to use in my classroom.

Birthday present from the roomie-- a new, fabulous bag.  It is just perfect for a light day of work at school AND it has a sailboat on it, which was a symbol for my sorority in college, which I am now an advisor for.

Birthday present from the clearance section-who doesn't want a four foot unicorn to put together?

My Thor hammer and's been absolutely wonderful and SO MUCH fun to have with the kids.

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