Friday, May 11, 2012

Middle School Surgeons

We're doing standardized testing this week and in the afternoons when we're having class, I've been trying to do fun, review-ish, not too taxing and not messy activities with my classes.  I don't want to alter the testing environment of my room or end one of our short classes in the middle of something that I have to take down and put away before the morning.

Yesterday, my 7th graders got to become surgeons.  We used EdHeads, which is a website I adore for "fun days" in the classroom.  My kids LOVE talking about the human body and everything associated with how it works.  I decided since we'd briefly talked about diseases in our testing review that we'd talk a little about heart disease.  So we did.  And then, they got to be talked through a virtual aortic aneurism surgery.  They LOVED it.  We can't do dissection because they are too dangerous with the dissecting tools, so this was their version of a really cool dissection -- because it was saving a human's life!

The program is really neat- a day in the life of a new surgical resident.  One of the boys "scrubbed in" as they're told to do and most definitely modeled something he's probably seen on Grey's Anatomy.  They consulted with an attending physician, examined the patient's test results, and ultimately performed surgery.  They also got to see pictures of what the surgery would look like on an actual person.  Here are some pictures of the excitement and enjoyment of the world's future surgeons.  Yikes!! :)

Watching the surgery from the viewing room (aka my computer)

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