Tuesday, May 22, 2012


So, yesterday was a manic Monday for sure.  We had 17 days left of school this year (but who's counting? :) )  We were starting ELA MAP testing.  No pressure.  No chaos.  Ha!  I was doing morning duty in the gym and the custodian comes flying in to tell me something I'd never heard before......

"Boo, you can't go in your room at all today.  You've got fleas real bad.  When I went in there to empty the trash, they was jumping all over my legs." 

So, immediate panic and crisis management Ms. G. mode kick in.

Step 1: DEFINITELY DON'T let ANY of the kids know. 

Step 2: Beg for permission to at least get my teaching bag and laptop out of my room.

Step 3: Scramble like crazy to find a room to have class in for the day and tell my team members where I'll be so they know where to bring my students/ meet me.

Step 4: Pretend to students we're going on an adventure to the library (which has no board of any sort and some books, but no science materials.)

Step 5: Wing a lesson plan on the spot with no resources.  In my case, this was not too bad because my 3 sections of 8th grade were watching part of a video about bridge design anyway (NOVA's Super Bridge-- awesome video!).  Luckily, this held their interest for the entire period.  So, instead of using my computer and projector, I stole the TV and DVD player from a high school teacher, told them I needed it more and I'd bring them coffee tomorrow, and played it up like a big treat for the kids.  They were oblivious.

Step 6: Praise the gods of blogging that I had recently read about the Mega Disasters videos on Amazon available for about 10 bucks and bought them.  They'd come in over the weekend and I just happened to throw them into my teaching bag to take to school in case of emergency.  Good foresight, eh?

Step 7: Itch like a paranoid freak all day.  Obviously, if they were that big of a problem on Monday, they'd been around since the week before.

Step 8: Send up thankful prayers when the bug man came to spray and that by midnight, my room hopefully wouldn't be 1) flea infested and 2) full of toxic fumes.

Step 9:  Google flea treatment for homes since I've never ever had to deal with this.  Go straight to the store and buy proposed remedies (yes, more than 1! I don't want fleas!!!), then head home to bathe animals and treat house for fleas.

And this is what you get:

I never knew cats shake.  His first bath, but their fur is SO nice and soft and fluffy now.

Sad, patchy little girl.

big, fat Gareth doesn't look so big. 

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  1. I've had an infestation of fleas in my classroom before.... not fun. but that's not nearly as fun as when you have a lice infestation. we convinced our class that we were playing barber shop and the little wooden sticks to check for lice were actually barber shears. we apparently were very convincing and had a class of lovely boys and girls when we were done with our check . myself and my assistance on the other hand spent the day itching like crazy although we didn't have any little friends ourselves . Adventures teachers have and provide others.... :)