Saturday, April 28, 2012


I haven't written much about content in the last few weeks, but there are so many things I could share with y'all and what I want to remember most is the things that they say and do, and the relationships that we build.  Since I've established that this is really more my journal than an advice column, at least at this point, I'm not feeling too guilty.

One of my most rambunctious, social, brightest, really amusing, but biggest classroom disrupting students told me probably a month ago that I looked like a vampire because I was so pale.  This is evidence that I really do need to get more spray tans, right there.  He then started calling me Victoria, or Ms. Victoria, which I didn't tolerate particularly well and tended to shoot him my infamous teacher glare until I looked at pictures and thought to myself that I could see it.  Also, at about this point, the Victoria references were starting to spread throughout the 7th grade.  I have been patting myself on the back daily for not mocking all the middle school boys for having so much knowledge about Twilight, which is most definitely a girl series of books and movies.  I've also been very thankful that one of my college roommates started me on the book series and dragged me to the first movie.  I enjoyed the books once I got past the whole "ridiculously impossible" thing and just embraced the fiction.  The movies have never been my favorite, but I have seen all three.  Thanks to my fabulous roomie and her terrible horrible, no good very bad day, we went to see the third movie and drank while we watched it.  This made her terrible horrible day so much better.  We had a blast!

Here is Victoria with straight and curly hair, and here is me with straight and curly hair.  Not the same face, but I guess I could see it.

I'm using it to my advantage, though.  I shoot vampire glares, talk about my super-human strength and speed, etc.  Particularly when they're pushing their limits, I throw the vampire card, and so far, it puts them right back on track.  I love those little goobers.

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