Thursday, April 5, 2012

Dear Mountain of Research ,

I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know you these past few weeks.  However, I can't quite seem to come up with the inspiration and motivation to creatively and concisely sum you into a few thousand words relevant to my own research.  I would really appreciate if you would allow me to make significant progress in this area today.  You see, research, this is my last day available of Spring Break and I have an awful lot of work due by Tuesday at lunchtime.  Tomorrow, I'll be spending the day doing bridal things with one of my lovely friends and Saturday will be consumed with her wedding.  Sunday is Easter with the family, and Monday morning, I'll be hitting the interstate bright and early to make it for  a teacher work day and some quality time schooling my homebound students.  Now that you know this, I'm sure you understand and will graciously lift this writer's block and allow the creative juices and words to flow through my fingers.

Much Appreciated,

Ms. G

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