Sunday, March 25, 2012

You Can't Fix Stupid

I've been wanting to find the time to write this blog for weeks.  We all know the cliche "you can't fix stupid."  This is where I ask for your advice. 

I have a student who is most definitely NOT stupid.  She does, however, make some incredibly stupid decisions.  We'll call her "Jenny."  Jenny is a cute girl, relatively popular, blonde, and has the potential to be intelligent but makes some really poor choices.  We've talked with her, her "friends," and her mother about Jenny's choices.  Jenny still absolutely frustrates me.  She can be sweet.  She can be manipulative.  Mostly, she's just a follower.

If Jenny gets asked a question about her personal life, what she wants to do, what she thinks is interesting in class, if she's mad at another student, etc., her failsafe response is "I dunno, let me ask Alicia."  She then turns to her superficial bff Alicia (who sells her under the bus all the time) and asks Alicia how she (Jenny) is supposed to feel about anything.  Helppppp!!!!!! What do I do to help this girl use her OWN brain and her own emotions???  Seriously, how do you not know if YOU are mad at someone?!?!?!

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