Monday, March 26, 2012

A rant about attention

So, I just need to vent.  It's probably not actually beneficial for anyone to read this, but this is essentially my journal, so here goes.

I had two kids (and then later 2 parents) that would . not . shut . their . mouths . this morning in my first period. They got tons of warnings, redirections, I used their names in examples to get their attention, etc. They decided to get all huffy with me because I "wouldn't help them."  They were confused because they couldn't figure out how to do the vocabulary graphic organizer that we've been using since 1st 9 weeks.  THEN, they couldn't figure out what the definition of the vocab word was because they "didn't want" to get up and get a science book and weren't paying attention the LITERALLY 8 times I repeated the definition AND wrote it on the board so that the kids that were paying attention could get it.  I also rephrased it a few times and gave several real-life examples.  However, when they clued in 10 minutes later and realized they weren't going to be able to do the assignment, it's "my fault they're not doing well in my class because I won't teach them."  

Sure, I'll teach you, but I'm not going to go back to the beginning of the lesson half an hour in when you two caused your own problems, so you'll have to hang in there for now.  "Why don't you see how much you can do and after you've got the definition down, we can talk about anything that might be confusing you with the rest of the organizer.  I can also help you at lunch.  Oh, you don't want me to help you at lunch?  Then I guess you really aren't committed to understanding this. Let's see if you can finish before class ends." 

*Sidenote- neither of them ever even wrote down the definition (I put it back on the board for their benefit).

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  1. OMG! Sometimes I wish we could just send home the students that don't want to learn or try! Just kick them out!! :)