Friday, March 23, 2012

Power Team

We got to have the powerteam come to our school this morning. :)  They were fantastic!  The picture quality is really crummy because I can't seem to get my camera lens clean and also because they were CONSTANTLY moving.

"Raise your hang if something embarrassing has ever happened to you."

This is one of those lifetime guaranteed hot water bottles.

This is the same water bottle that this guy blew up as a balloon right
before it popped.

They wanted a baseball player to volunteer. 
This is when they were picking on him good-naturedly for his muscles.

Testing out the Louisville Slugger and trying to break it.

Ripping a phone book in half.  Seriously took him less than 5 seconds.

Here comes the baseball bat.

Huah!  Just broke this over my leg.

Steel bar stunt that's now banned from world's strongest man.

Story time about 7th grade swag.  SO funny and led into such
a good speech about choices.

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