Monday, March 5, 2012

Glad that's over!

Monday, that is.  Today was one of those days that started off great, with my kids cracking me up and (mostly) doing what they were supposed to, making connections, and doing some good learning.  This morning, I was thinking of writing a blog of funnies.  Instead, I think I'll write about my crazy last HALF HOUR at school.

So, it was a Monday.  No doubts about it, but it was pretty good as far as Mondays go.  6th period came, and I could tell it wasn't going to be a good one because of the way they changed back into their uniforms and lined up after gym.  I survived the terrible class that was my last period today.  We walked down to the gym, where they change out of their uniforms and into their street clothes.  Halfway down the hallway, they were getting so out of control that I stopped them and had them walk one at a time (about 20 feet apart) the rest of the way.  It worked.  So, I had 2 kids who had broken into one of the teachers' offices and stolen a jumbo pack of new, super strong hair ties (and a few rubber bands).  These become an instrument of torture in the classroom, especially with kids as sneaky as some of my 8th grade boys.  I confiscated about a dozen during my last class, only later to find out how they'd been obtained.  On the way to the gym while I was spacing out my boys, one of the girls came up the hall crying.  Some "sweet" girl had gotten into her street clothes bag, snuck out her pants, dumped the crotch in the toilet, and left them for her to find.  Poor girl had no clothes to wear home, and the pants were sopping.  That's what we call bullying at its finest. :(  I had one girl distributing gum that she'd smuggled in (which means either from inside her pants, inside her socks, or inside her bra), and one girl verbally assaulting me over something that didn't even involve her.  It was like some weird cosmic sign saying, "Get out and go home now! Get some rest!"  Of course, interim grades are due tomorrow, so I had to get the last of my things updated and stayed late.


  1. YIKES!
    I'd like to offer some words of consolation... but I think it's best to just say, "Poor you."

    That is a first class LOUSY afternoon.
    Grab some ice cream (or whatever your heart desires) and count on tomorrow being a better day.

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  2. Thanks, Kim! Today is a much better day so far. :) I knew it would be.