Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Giggle Giggle

Oh, middle school.  I love them!  They're different every day, and just like the precious little ones in the commercials, kids say the darndest things, even in middle school.

Scene: Grades 6, 7, 8
Note: I have 4 all boys' classes, one all girls' class, and one class with one girl and the rest boys.

I'm trying to expire him with my personal motivation to go to high school.....BIG BOOBIES! *Complete with miming*

Are you cereal, Ms. Green?

I'm cereal, yo! Like fo' real...

300 in the movie font really big on a black shirt....off to the right side, it reads inches.  The background is a picture of antlers.  The wearer of the shirt is the darkest skinned city boy I have ever seen.

When we walk down the hall, they are supposed to have their arms behind their back, be in single file line, and be silent.  I have a tendency to stop them and make them wait if they aren't quiet, which is, according to them, a form of cruel and unusual punishment.  Every time I say stop, one of my 7th grade classes responds with, "It's hammer time."  I know it's inappropriate, but the vast majority of the time, it still makes me smile- and sing in my head.

I have nicknames for some of my kids "Madea, Bugs Bunny, etc."  One that another teacher uses is Biscuit and Gravy.  As in, "you just go together like a biscuit and gravy."  They have sausage and gravy biscuits as a treat every Friday for breakfast.  They didn't realize that we were mocking these two boys for a little bit.  PS- They asked me to "journal" about them and their nicknames.  They really are attached at the hip, best friends, first cousins, and look like identical twins.

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