Friday, February 17, 2012

Vista Print

I've gotten into couponing some lately.  It makes things MUCH more affordable.  My newest find that I just HAD to share with y'all is that you need to go to Vista Print NOW! Seriously! Southern Savers tipped me off that Vista Print is having a FREE sale.  Several of their items are available for FREE.  The only tricks are 1) You can't pick the expensive designs and 2) you still have to pay for shipping.  However, here is what I got:

I stole an idea from Farley at Oh Boy 4th Grade! and mustache my students questions on their assignments.  Bahahahha.  They love my corny jokes (at least, they do in my mind).  Anyway, you can see what I ordered: a t-shirt, 100 postcards, return address labels (but since I'm moving soon and don't know my new address, I'm going to use them in the books in my classroom), and some business cards to send home with the parents of my kids. :)  I paid 2.49 to upload my mustache card (I wanted to get a stamp too, but decided against it for the time being) and SAVED $33 and some change.

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