Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Riddle Me This

Things that make me wonder/ giggle/ say "Hmmm" and stroke my chin :

One of my students, who was born to 2 adults who have always been and still are Christians, has the middle name Qu'Ran, which is the Islamic Holy Book.

My students think that a few days a week, I dye my eyebrows because they're supposedly a darker color some days than others.

I have a student who has the same first and last name as his father.  Not unusual?  All of the children this man sired have the same first and last name.  Talk about difficult to keep your kids straight......

In addition, I have a half-brother and sister duo who live together and have the same unisex name.  You know, like Taylor or Lee/Leigh, etc. 

I love making my students wonder.  I have a hidden coffee pot in the back of my room behind my computer.  Instead of using this to make coffee, I use it as a hot pot to heat candles and give my room a break from the musk, mold, and terrible body odors of middle school boys.  I alternate the scents and generally pretend I can't smell anything if the kids ask about the smell.  If you are wondering 1) why it's hidden, that's because some of my past students have dipped their fingers in the hot wax, put wax all over my classroom, etc.  If you're wondering 2) why I use a coffee pot instead of a hot pot, it's because I got a coffee pot, a frying pan, and a small griddle for less than the cost of a hot pot.

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