Thursday, February 23, 2012

Artie's Harrowing Excursion

My poor little man, aka my cat Artie, went missing the night before last.  Now that we know he was in the great outdoors, I assume he must've snuck out the front door while I was putting a leash on the dog and I just didn't see him.  THe last two weeks or so, our cats have decided that the world of our home just isn't big enough for them, and that maybe they need a taste of outside so they like to hang out right outside the door.  Evidently, the little man snuck out and bolted. 

Usually when I go to bed at night, he comes in and sleeps in his bed next to my bed.  He didn't come into my room, so I left the door cracked and figured he'd come in when he was ready.  The next morning, he didn't come to tell my that my alarm clock was about to go off and wake me up.  I assumed he was just in my roommate's bedroom, since her door was closed and didn't think anything else of it.  During the middle of my first period, my phone started vibrating like crazy.  I dug it out of my bag and saw that I had a text message and a missed call from my roommate.  The text read something to the effect of "Artie was crying in the bushes this morning.  He's in the house now-- or his doppelganger is.

Of course, I immediately had to call her back and make sure my poor little man was okay.  Since it was during class and the kids were being really good about doing their work, I gave them something to do and said, "I'm really sorry guys, but I've got to call my roommate back really quickly."  Of course, they could only hear my side of the conversation and it went something like this:

"Is he okay?"
"Aww poor baby....."
"I had no idea he was missing.  I noticed that he didn't come and cuddle with me, but since your door was closed, I just assumed he'd gone into your room."
"He's cold and wet? Oh my goodness!"
"I'll make sure to give him some extra attention when I get home. Thanks so much!"

I mean, if I was an 8th grade boy, I could see how maybe my teacher was talking about her boyfriend who also likes to sleep in her roommate's room?!?!?!?

Anyway, I explained it all to them later, since their comments were becoming increasingly odd in their misunderstanding.  When I went home, the poor little man was still pretty traumatized from spending his first night ever outside. :( But he's back to normal now!

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