Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Team Teaching, Airplanes, and Eggs

Today, I team taught for what was probably my first time since I've been certified as a teacher.  Obviously, I team taught a good bit during my student teaching and I've quasi-team taught before, letting another teacher add in as they feel necessary, or doing the same in someone else's room.  This time, it was (I hope) more of an equal team.

I started the day off by getting a celebratory picture with some of the boys that play rec league basketball.  I go to as many of their games as I can because I (surprisingly) really enjoy it.  I didn't get a chance to snap a picture with all of them last night, but these fellas are in my first period class, so we snagged one as they left.

See how happy they were to take a picture with me? :p

Third and fourth period, the social studies teacher and I took all of the 7th graders (only two sections) and put them in one room.  We taught a collaborative lesson on the scientific revolution and the scientific method.  One brought about the other, so it all tied in perfectly.  Unfortunately, the kids were NOT cooperative.  For about half the time (45 mins) they were great, but the other 45 minutes or so, they were terrible.  Since they're middle schoolers, the first part went okay, then there was a rough patch, got it all smoothed out, great spot plummeting to a terrible spot, back up to normal, etc.  All in all, it could have gone worse, and I'm not sure yet what could have made it better because I haven't had enough time to over-analyze it yet. 

End results of team teaching:
1. exhaustion
2. the kids know the scientific method steps (or at least they remembered them at the end of class)
3. a foldable for each pair of kids with the steps of the scientific method and an "in your own words" definition and picture for each step.
4. Lots of fun making and flying paper airplanes (all of the experiments they designed were related to paper airplanes).
5. A little hit me with your best shot (cue song here) with the SS teacher, since one of the groups hypothesized that they'd be able to hit him with their airplanes.  (They failed.)
6. A really creative "lab report" of the entire 90 minute class that included all the steps of the scientific method.

Success? Meh.  Maybe next time.

Oh, and for the eggs: One of my kids that has chickens is going to start bringing me eggs when I need them.  Yum, yum, yum!

First dozen came today.  I had to wait about a week because it's been really rainy, and apparently chickens don't lay as many eggs in the rain.  Who knew?

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