Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Invention Convention

It's almost that time of year in sixth grade--- the one with the infamous science invention projects.  Rather than doing a big, bulky, whine-inducing, frustrating science fair tri-fold board and pretending like we're going to trek down to the state capital to present, I'm doing something much more fabulous called the Invention Convention.  The Invention Convention is a huge deal in this area.  Pull any middle school student off the street, and they can probably tell you not only what the Bi-Lo Invention Convention is, but also what their project is/ was and what their favorite projects to see were.  My kids aren't making tri-fold boards, thank goodness! Or thank me, since that was my executive decision. :p  Instead, I'm borrowing an idea I got from my mentor teacher where each kid has a manila folder.  The front, back, and each side of the inner section are assigned a specific item or aspect of the invention.  After completing an Invention Journal and making sure their invention isn't already patented, the kids design this invention on paper, present it to the class (or I will present it for them if they aren't comfortable sharing in front of the class), and have the option to design it in real life, but NOT during class time.  I'm looking forward to showing you guys some of the final projects. :)  Today, all we did was the intro and everybody picked at least 3 ideas for a possible invention.  The research begins....


  1. So glad I found your blog!
    Good luck with Invention Convention...

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  2. There's a cute "just for fun" Ned's Declassified Episode that your 6th graders would love! It is the Science Fair/Study Hall episode (I bought it on itunes). I think you can preview it on youtube too. If I remember correctly, its about 12 minutes long and Science fair themed and one of the students makes an invention for it.

    Have fun! Looking forward to seeing their invention results! :)

  3. Super Cool idea! Thanks for sharing!
    To The Square Inch