Monday, January 23, 2012

If you give a moose a muffin...

In my fourth period class, 7 out of twelve students were absent (5 suspended, two sick).  Needless to say, they were much easier to manage than they often are.  I gave them each an airhead as a reward and didn't even make a silly joke about them being airheads.  Apparently, they all like the orange airheads, which is awesome, because nobody else in the middle school does.  One of them, let's call him Johnny, rolled his airhead into a long, thin cylinder, which ended up hanging out of his mouth and looking like a carrot as he viciously bit into it.  He has earned the nickname "Bugs" as in bunny, and seems to really enjoy it.  He was the first in the class to get the airhead reward today, and wanted to make sure that everyone knew that "If you give Ms. G respect and do your work, she'll give you lots of rewards like candy and love you like her own kid."  Sweet, insightful boy.  I do go to bat for my kids, but I'm a lot more likely to do it if they treat me the way that I treat them.  I love that I have a few kids that I have nicknames for, and that they find them so special. :)

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