Monday, January 2, 2012

I missed them

Call me crazy, but I missed seeing my kids over Christmas break.  I didn't miss all the behaviors and comments that make me want to facepalm and pull my hair out now and then.  However, I did miss their sweetness, their concern, their eagerness (though not always to learn), their sense of humor, watching them grow up, and knowing that they want me to be a part of their lives.  Well, the latter only applies on the days when my inner "dragon lady" as the kids so kindly call it doesn't come out to play.  Oh well!

Sure, it was bittersweet leaving all my immediate and extended family AND going back to work on a Federal Holiday- a day that most people had off, including my next-door neighbor who's also a teacher. :(  Seeing them and their excitement and their desperately needed clothes and shoes and rest time first thing this morning made my day.  More than a few of my kids, especially the seventh grade boys, just couldn't stop smiling no matter what happened or how many times I corrected them for talking in the hall, etc.  It was absolutely adorable!

Happy first day back to school for all the rest of you teachers on a normal teacher schedule! :)

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